Team ScrubBusters, For the Horde!

Our 8 year old guild story; The raiding community has always been a dying breed, especially the Alliance community. Whenever you talk about hardcore raiding, you associate it with Horde. That has always been the case partly because of stronger racials, but also because there just always was a bigger and established community on the Horde side.

In the past, this didn’t affect us much as a guild as we’ve been at the top of the alliance community for several expansions. If you wanted to stay alliance and raid at the top, you’d usually end up at us. This was a system that worked very well for our guild for years, but with Legion’s unrealistic demands on players and the decline of raiding guilds we really felt it as we not only had less applicants, but we’ve had players state they don’t want to leave their friends behind to play Alliance, and that’s understandable.

Over the years people have made connections and friends and that’s not something you’d easily give up in order to play a different faction. Especially in today’s hardcore raiding community, very few English-speaking Alliance guilds exist. Why would you play in a underrepresented faction if you could join an equal guild in the faction all your friends are in?

These factors put together and it brings us to where we are now, as we’re in the process of changing our alignments from the late Varian Wrynn to Lady Sylvanas Windrunner. That’s right. ScrubBusters is joining the horde from now onwards. If the faction barrier ever stopped you from contacting us, now is the time.

The server we fell upon was Twisting Nether. There are many factors, but the main reason is the already established raiding community on this realm as well as being one of the largest realms for Horde. See you in Battle for Azeroth! If you are interested in being part of what we achieve, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

– Team ScrubBusters

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