About us

Jul 21, 2009 Scrubbusters is founded during the World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King expansion.

Despite always having a unique comic team atmosphere the more serious aspect of chasing the absolute best world ranks is something that has grown on us over the years due our competitive nature and hunger to beat other guilds. It feels great being among the most effective raiding teams in the world. We take pride in what we do and have achieved over the years. ScrubBusters is not just a guild, it’s a real community where gamers like to spend time among similar minded people.

GUILDMEETINGS – To put this in perspective: we have successfully organised 4 international guild meetings with up to 25 of our players attending. You can find some details in the milestones down below as they have been quite important in their contribution to our unique community feel. Yep, people genuinely like to hang out with each other in ScrubBusters. We carefully planned our days from visiting a zoo to going out late at night to party. If you ask someone that attended one we are convinced they will tell you they had the time of their life.

“We generally try to organise a guildmeeting every 2 years.”

That does however mean we should have one next year…

We do however not plan them during important raiding periods, so we will have to look at amount of people interested and the different locations.

If you want to make some filthy money donations to make this happen please do contact us. Perhaps see you there next year?

Some important moments in the history of ScrubBusters...
UK, Huddersfield Gmeet
First time we rented a villa with a swimming pool for a week
ScrubBusters is formed
In a big realm event ScrubBusters is signed by the first officer and raiding team
In Remembrance of Halby
GM of ScrubBusters 2009 - 2015
ScrubBusters forum 1.0
With over 100.000 posts it served it's duty as heart of the team
NL, Tilburg Gmeet
We rented a house in a safari park at a lake
Ulduar is ours
We swooped all our realm competitors in Ulduar
Top 10
World 9, Sha of Fear
Our first top 10 kill on an endboss
A fuck you to
All the dirty pukers at the guild meetings
BE, Hainaut Gmeet
We rented a gigantic renovated loft factory with pool and sauna
We defeat <Insignificant>
We defeated our several tier competitor <Insignificant>
World 6, Kil'Jaeden
We scored a world #6 on a very significant fight in WoW history
ScrubBusters 2.0
We finally replace our 8 year old piece of shit website
Next guild meeting to be planned
Perhaps you are lucky enough to be there?
The new raidleader
In Tier 11 Luun, our raid leader today took up his first management position
Honorable mention
To all former raiders and officers till this day
Many more to come
Forth ScrubBusters
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