Join our team!

Do you want to play in a real community with people giving their best while having fun? Do you want to raid as efficiently as it gets? NEVER raid before 19:30 and still compete amongst the best?

Then ScrubBusters is what you are looking for. We have all our plans worked out for the upcoming tiers and expansion and we will continue at the level we have the past years. We generally offer solid raiders the option of being a real part of ScrubBusters (not being recruited as a bench player). If we have an opportunity; it’s real. So please do contact us to check your options if you like what SB is all about.

Easiest way is to send Luun a private message on our forums and you will be contacted within 24 hours.

  • What is important to us?
  • Extensive PVE-experience.
  • Data such as logs to back up your excellent performance.
  • Good knowledge of the English language both spoken and written.
  • You are a vocal team player that isn’t afraid of taking initiative in raids.
  • Available and motivated to raid during farm and progression during our raid hours.
  • During progress (usually the first week of a tier release), raid times will be pushed after midnight (01:00 GMT+1 – Server time) and scheduled on a Friday/Saturday.
  • Attendance the closer to 100% the better, we want a small reliable roster.
    Maxing your character with the best professions, consumables, craftables is an absolute must.
  • Come prepared to raids having studied the fights and read our internal forum.
  • If your internet connection or computer is unreliable, you should stop reading.
  • You play for the team, which is the guild.



100% Great guy
I prepare for encounters so I know what to do
I will make sure i'm reliable to the team
I look fucking great (not required)
I will always put ScrubBusters first
I'm willing to push it to the limit
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