Yep still good at what we do. Management comments for this tier: Luun – Today at 3:30 PM – Tell him we played well on every boss except Vectis, and that we are recruiting for the upcoming tier Holy shit ScrubBusters recruiting? This is your chance man. Head over to to find out more Video of...
6 POV Video: PULLcounter: Garothi Worldbreaker 1 Felhounds of Sargeras 1 Antoran High Command 2 Portal Keeper Hasabel 2 Eonar 2 Imonar 7 Kin’garoth 3 Varimathras 26 Coven of Shivarra 20 Aggramar 85 Argus the Unmaker 265 Argus was a great fight, but felt insignificant compared to the lore behind it all. We are...
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